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Старая, но все еще полезная статья о пользовательских ментальных моделях и их связи с юзабилити. Ибо рассматриваемые принципы остались прежними..

Mental Models and Usability

Depaul University, Cognative Psychology 404

November 15, 1999

Mary Jo Davidson, Laura Dove, Julie Weltz


Mental models have been studied by cognitive scientists as part of efforts to understand how humans know, perceive, make decisions, and construct behavior in a variety of environments. The relatively new field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) has adopted and adapted these concepts to further the study in its main area of concern (usability). This document will describe mental models and usability. It will then discuss the applications and limitations of mental models as they help improve software usability. The concluding section will describe a study developed and conducted by the authors. This study suggests some potential areas for further research that could help both cognitive scientists and HCI practitioners make progress in understanding mental models.
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